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How Lifekee works

A smart address book to regain control over your contact information and keep all your contacts up to date. Here's how it works.

Select your Lifekee, it will become your universal ID. Use this ID to share your info easily.

Import your contacts. We will clean up your duplicates and identify Lifekee users you already know.

Complete your own contact information. You can share some of these fields once you connect with friends, colleagues and businesses.

Connect and decide what you want to share. Some info is personal, some is work.

Download Lifekee for free

Organize and synchronize your contacts. Access your communication applications and all your social networks from a single smart address book. Connect with the world.



Fast and simple Sign up
Your info secure all the time
Your contacts allways up to date
Control what information you share and with whom
Easily access digital IDs
Communicate using your favorites apps

Improve your business using our customer data and identity platform

The best data ever, always updated

1. Keep your customers’ data updated (opt-in).

2. Improve customer retention.

3. Enhance marketing offers and campaigns.

4. Generate digital IDs for your members or customers.

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