Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

Lifekee is the best way to connect with the world. It’s a dynamic mobile app to manage your contacts in the most effective way.

“Lifekee” is the app that you will use to connect with the world and manage your contacts. “My Lifekee” is the universal ID that you choose to connect, share information and communicate with the world. With your Lifekee you will be able to control and share your information, order services, communicate with others and keep your personal information always updated for your family, friends and colleagues.

It’s free for end users! As a user you will enjoy all the benefits that Lifekee provides for free. If you are a business, enterprise or organization, please contact us to learn about the benefits for businesses and pricing information.

Just download the app from Google Play or the App Store, and follow the registration instructions.

Yes, it is! Lifekee was designed with the objective of safeguarding your personal information. Lifekee takes this very seriously and, as a consequence, uses advanced encryption protocols. Your personal information will be encrypted in transit and at rest. You as a user, are the only one that controls what information is shared and with whom.

Not a chance! Lifekee will not share your personal information without your prior authorization. Remember, you control what information you share and with whom. For more information, please visit Lifekee’s Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.

Yes! Once we approve your Lifekee, it will be yours forever. If you have the need to change it in the future, please contact us and we’ll try to accommodate your request. Your Lifekee cannot be a brand name or a company name. We encourage you to select a Lifekee that represents you well, so your contacts can recognize you and so it’s easy to share (i.e.: david34, adrianm).

  1. Press “+” button on the top right of the contact screen and type the name of the user that you want to connect to.
  2. Find the person on the screen and select the “+” button.
  • Select “Edit” on the top right section of the profile to edit your Name, Lifekee, Country or any other field, where you want to edit information (phone, email, address and social networks).
  • Press the “+” to add additional phones, emails, addresses or social networks

Yes. Lifekee will import the contacts from your native address book, and will also sync phone numbers and email addresses with it. But actually, Lifekee can become your new address book. You won’t need to use your old address book anymore.

Sharing is where you define which fields you would like to share with different types of contacts. A circle defines a group of contacts with whom you share similar information fields. Each circle must have at least 1 field shared.

Just assign that user to a circle. The user will see in your contact profile all the fields that you’ve decided to share with all members of that circle.

Did you install Lifekee and after that you lost your phone? Don’t worry! You just need to download Lifekee again in your new phone and your contacts will be there for you.

  • From the contacts screen select the user that you want to communicate with
  • From the user’s profile, select the icon that defines the action to perform with that user.

Yes! You can contact them via phone, e-mail, and SMS if you have their contact information. However, if you invite them to Lifekee and connect with them, you will always have their updated information.

Lifekee will fix all your exact duplicates automatically.

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